Quality is the Key

Customized Support for Your Success

We are a pioneering technical staffing agency. Our partnership focuses on your unique needs, supporting short-term, seasonal, or temporary IT staffing requirements. We provide contract-to-hire talent for project-based support with permanent hiring options.  Our IT staffing covers onsite, offsite, and offshore (outsourcing) services.


Why Are We Successful?

Our strength is our global presence. Our state-of-the-art development centers for cost-efficient IT staff augmentation. 

With an over 95% retention rate in IT staffing, our client satisfaction is absolute.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Sourcing Candidates

Our recruiters and account managers are constantly in touch with our existing consultants to make sure they are up to client managers’ expectations. This knowledge of client managers’ expectations and requirements is used to assess candidates for any new positions.

Pre-Screening: Since our recruiters are tech savvy and understand the IT process in general, they are well equipped and qualified to pre-screen the candidates. 

We use product specific questionnaires developed by our own senior consultants in each of their respective fields.

Screening: As a second-level screening our senior consultants in their respective fields interview the candidates and provide their assessment to the recruiters and account managers.

As each resume sourced is reviewed and the candidates interviewed each skill is assessed and recorded in our “Skills Match Grid” template.

As each candidate is pre-screened and screened, any additional skills related information obtained that’s not provided in resumes is also recorded in “Skills Match Grid” and the candidates are advised to update the resumes accordingly.

Hire & Support

Service quality is maintained by ongoing performance reviews with consultants and clients after they are placed.

If a consultant is not able to provide expected service, we will immediately replace with another qualified consultant.

Once placed a consultant is provided with the support by other consultants in the domain expertise to do his/her job well.

Our staff policies are strong enough to keep the consultant throughout the client project. .