Why Are We Successful?

Our global presence is our key strength, supported by state-of-the-art development centers that ensure cost-effective IT staff augmentation.

With a retention rate exceeding 95% in IT staffing, we deliver outstanding client satisfaction.

Win contracts like a pro

with WinOpps

WinOpps helps software solution providers with proposal preparation and RFP contract management.
An RFP is a Request for Proposal document sent by companies who seek to acquire products & services for their operational needs. 

The WinOpps platform is for companies looking for better solutions for monitoring RFPs & Proposals. It manages contracts when the buyer awards and enters into a contract.

WinOpps opens the door for many opportunities you never knocked

WinOpps uses Natural Language Processing technology to match companies’ capabilities to client requirements mentioned in an RFP. With version control capabilities and audits, the tool manages corporate capability content.